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Who are we?

We are a group of professional with appropriate training for the performance of the Urgent Service that you need, assuring the efficiency and confidentiality.

We guarantee the rendering of services with a good Quality/Price ratio.

What we aim to do?

We want to make effective communication around the world…

Translating and performing the review of all types of documents We will facilitate the connection!

Our teams of secretariat will facilitate all processes. When is Urgente.pt we will be there!

urgente porto

Which urgent service do you need?

Translation companies

We perform translation and interpreting in several languages.

We have team of native translators and specialized in various technical areas.

Some of our areas of expertise are the following:

  • Industrial sector
  • Commercial area
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical, medicine and health industry
  • Logistics
  • Law
  • Financial area
  • Electronics
  • Information technology and computer science
  • Engineering, etc

Translation of documents

  • Legal translation and certified
  • Translation of personal documents
  • Translation of official documents
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of newsletters
  • Translation of technical manuals
  • Translation of user manuals
  • Translation of catalogues or brochures
  • Translation of scientific articles
  • Translation of reports, theses and dissertations

Services Urgente.pt

Services Urgente.pt: Describe in an email or in the form what is the Urgente.pt Services that you need.

You can also call 229401330 from 09h00 to 20h00 on weekdays.

We will send you within the next 24 hours the asked quote from Urgente.pt services.

Hire our services and get a fast solution to your problem.

Hire professionals that solve your problems in a fast and effective way.

Ask a quote for the service you need. We at urgent.pt will solve your problem at once! Contact us!

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We provide services to companies, entrepreneurs, public and private institutions and general public, adapting our responses to the different needs of customers.



Companies and self-employed professionals have today a tight financial management, reducing as far as possible the fixed costs, namely in hiring employees for some punctual services.

However, there are urgencies for which we need qualified professionals that assure speed and efficiency in the resolution.

We perform all the administrative services and of secretariat using an outsourcing system! We have employees that will solve all the urgent issues that your company needs, from costumer service to the referral and resolution of administrative issues.

Besides administrative services and of secretariat, we have a multidisciplinary team qualified to develop projects to render consulting about different important areas in your business activity.


Not only companies deserve our attention! How often are there urgent needs and problems to solve at an individual level and due to the lack of personal availability are postponed, with related costs of that postponement?

We solve all the matters and urgent services needed at home or by your family!

Hire professionals that solve your problems in a fast and effective way.

Ask a quote for the service you need. We at urgent.pt will solve your problem at once! Contact us!

Contact us now!


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